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This may be Edition DV’s first release, but it’s not a new product. The first offspring of Pinnacle’s takeover of Fast in September 2001, Edition DV adds Pinnacle’s effects plug-ins to Fast’s Studio.DV and bundles the integrated Impression DVD-Pro. This is designed to create an editing solution for multimedia pros that covers the production process from video capture to creating the final disc or DLT master. Owners of Studio.DV can upgrade to Edition DV for free, though you don’t get Impression DVD. Edition DV includes the central editing tool, Impression, TitleDeko (replacing Studio.DV’s own CG), Hollywood FX and Alpha Magic effects plug-ins, and a FireWire PCI capture card. Impression DVD-Pro is powerful enough for most multimedia professionals starting out in DVD. The editing tool is the best thing about Edition DV. Essentially the same as the rest of the Liquid colour range, it offers an interface that’s very different from the Office-like layout of Premiere, being more similar to high-end tools such as Discreet’s Combustion. The interface, which requires a dual-screen set-up to work properly, is icon-based and extremely flexible – moulding itself around what you’re trying to do and hiding irrelevant tools that clutter up the desktop. The only real downside is that it’s non real-time, but rendering doesn’t take too long on a modern PCs. Not much has changed between Studio.DV 3 and Edition DV on the front end, but behind the scenes Pinnacle has attached its plug-in API to the package. This allows TitleDeko, Hollywood FX (the included basic set and any extras you buy) and Alpha Magic to work smoothly within Edition DV. This bodes well for its future, perhaps including coupling with DV/analog real-time boards such as the Pro-One.