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Canon’s Bubble Jet printing technology has always taken a back seat to other processes used by inkjet printers, but if new printers – such as the S750 – are anything to go by, the company has taken driving lessons. The S750 cranks out text documents at 7.2 pages per minute (ppm) – the fastest of any inkjet printer we’ve tested in a while – and its 1.2ppm graphics printing speed ranks highly. The S750’s text quality is great. It looks solid black, has even weighting, and small font-sizes are legible. Glossy photos were impressive – with bright, saturated colours, excellent detail, and realistic shading. If Canon’s ink-yield specifications are accurate – and they seem to be – the S750’s inks are the cheapest per page of any printer tested. However, you’ll need decent paper for these results, as colour graphics on ordinary paper look moderately good, with slightly flat colours and some loss of detail. Greyscale quality, however, was barely adequate. Printers that excel with glossy photos usually produce good-quality greyscale images, but the S750 laces the output with narrow white stripes, and detail disappears behind overly dark tones. Another problems is that the output tray doesn’t attach well. This is no problem if you never move the printer, but if you share it around the studio – or move it – you’ll have to reattach the tray each time. Canon provides comprehensive documentation with the S750. The set-up guide is a full-fledged manual, and the on-screen help files explain printer use in great detail. You can run the printer with a USB or parallel interface, and the driver has a setting to print snapshot-size photos to the edge of the paper. Though no competition for more powerful photo printers – such as Canon’s own S900 – this printer is a great choice for quick, good-looking text and photos.