Razer's Core X GPU enclosure hands on review: It's cheaper, bigger, and even works with Macs

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Meet the Razer Core X, the external GPU enclosure that complements the original Core by offering most of the capabilities for a lot less cash.

When the first Core was unveiled in 2016, it amazed everyone with its ability to boost the graphics performance of a tiny laptop (or a less tiny one like Razer's new 15-inch Blade. It shocked everyone with its price, too: £470/US$500.

The Core X doesn't offer the dual Thunderbolt 3 controllers with Ethernet and USB, nor does it sport the Core's svelte profile. But it makes up for these deficits in price: a cool $299 (around £225).

For the Core X, Razer said it did away with the custom power supply and went with nearly off-the-shelf components to lower the price. Razer is positioning the larger body as a plus: While the original Core had issues fitting larger GPUs, the Core X should fit most larger video cards up to three slots wide. Bonus: The standard ATX PSU provides up to 650 watts, so there's plenty to spare if you want to charge your laptop over Thunderbolt 3.

The last bit of news is likely to make Mac fans happy: Razer said the new Core X as well as the Core V2 now have the official blessing of Apple. Macs with Thunderbolt 3 ports and High Sierra 10.13.4 or higher can finally add some graphics horsepower.

Below you can watch a hands-on video created by Gordon from our sister site PC World (the US-based hardcore tech news-&-reviews site, not the UK shop).

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