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MX700 may sound like the name of some exotic testosterone-driven sports car. It actually belongs to Logitech’s Lamborghini of a cordless optical mouse – a precision instrument that offers the finest level of creative control, and is the first to offer rechargeable batteries. The only thing missing from the shipping unit we tested was that new car smell – and a left-handed grip. The right-handed mouse is loaded with hot-rod features. Aside from one minor glitch (more on that later), it provided an exceptionally smooth ride. Charging up The MX700 comes with a rapid-charge base station in which the mouse is docked when not in use. Logitech says a ten-minute charge keeps the mouse going all day, and six to seven hours of recharging gets you ten days of service. Maybe I work too hard or too many hours, but in my experience, a night’s charge netted five days of run time. The base station eliminates the need to replace standard batteries every three months; however, the MX700’s true strength lies in its performance. The fast RF wireless control worked well at up to 30 feet away from the base station (no line-of-sight positioning required). Besides the regular two left/right buttons and a scroll wheel on top, Logitech provides three sets of user-customizable buttons. Two buttons offer a unique system for continuous scrolling; two thumb-control buttons let you move forward or back through Web pages; and finally, the Quick Switch Program Selector cycles through active programs and documents. All these functions make on-screen navigation quick and easy. The optical engine tracks at 4.7 megapixels per second – about three times as fast as most optical mice – affording smooth and precise cursor control. After using this, you’ll wonder why you ever put up with the clunky, leashed device that came with your Mac or Windows PC. The one glitch I experienced arose when I installed the Logitech MouseWare software on a PC that had an earlier version of the program. A conflict caused my PC to crash severely (Logitech is looking into the problem). To be safe, remove previous software before installing this new version. On the Mac, there were no such problems. Like most luxury items, the MX700 doesn’t come cheap. At over £50, it may well be the most expensive mouse on the market. But as with a fine Italian sports car, you get what you pay for; if you want the power that truly precise control can deliver, the price is well worth it.