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  • Pros: Massive active area, 16:10 aspect ratio, superb Intuos3 pen.

  • Cons: Takes up a lot of desk space.

  • Expert Rating: We rate this 8 out of 10We rate this 8 out of 10We rate this 8 out of 10We rate this 8 out of 10We rate this 8 out of 10 We rate this 8 out of 10

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For graphics tablet users working on high-end workstations, it’s time to clear your desks of paper, empty coffee cups, picture frames, and novelty gonks – to make way for Wacom’s Intuos3 A3 Wide pen tablet. With a physical size of 62.3-x-42.9-x-3.6cm (WxDxH), Wacom’s latest offering in its popular Intuos3 range is huge.

Its active area of 48.8-x-30.5cm provides a 16:10 aspect ratio – ideal for those working on widescreen displays, HDTV monitors, or with dual-monitor setups.

The Wacom Intuos A3 Wide shares the same great features of the rest of the Intuos3 family. These include eight ExpressKeys that are pre-configured with frequently used modifier keys, and can be reprogrammed as hotkeys, modifiers, or keystroke combinations for different applications. There are two Touch Strips, too. These act like a scroll bar for zooming and scrolling in various applications.

The tablet is cordless and battery-free and, while relatively lightweight, it’s bulky in use unless flat on a desk.

The new tablet comes in two configurations – DTP and CAD. The former ships with the Intuos3 Grip Pen. The pen’s rubberized waist, ergonomically designed to reduce lower-arm stress, is a joy to use. Equipped with a double side switch, the pen features a pressure-sensitive tip and eraser, and comes with three changeable nibs – standard, stroke and felt. The Stroke pen nib recreates the soft nuances of brushstrokes, while the felt nib’s increased friction offers a more natural feeling when painting or drawing.

The cheaper CAD option swaps the Grip pen for the Intuos3 Lens Cursor. The rotating cursor features five programmable buttons and an adjustable crosshair.

Having created such a stirling product with the Intuos3 tablet, Wacom is to be applauded for serving up specialized versions for creatives working across different sectors. The Intuos3 A3 Wide isn’t for everyone, but those working in 3D, CAD, or video-editing applications will enjoy the benefit. The only problem is clearing out enough stuff to get the thing on your desk.