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The Scanjet 4670 is a scanner that you can pick up, carry around, and scan any surface within the range of your USB cable. Why risk the wrath of animal lovers by getting a fur coat to scan (and have to cram it into your conventional flatbed) when you can just scan your dog? When you’re done, you place the 4670 back on its stand – which allows for scaning A4 documents, albeit vertically.

However, the downside to this innovative device is that it’s not a great scanner. In our tests, photos scanned at the maximum 2,400dpi optical resolution looked ok, though scans made without tweaks to the colour settings over-emphasized the blues, and detail appeared murky in dark areas. Worse, deep areas within textures came out blurry. Scanned text pages came out crisp, sharp, and bolder than the originals, though – but that’s not what we want
this scanner for.

Despite its dainty appearance, the device’s scanning glass side and its polycarbonate window are designed to resist scratching and breaking. Its rubber-trimmed frame absorbs shock – which is good, because although the easel-like stand feels sturdy and secure, the 1.4kg scanner tips forward slightly when you insert a photo or document.

The 4670 scans items up to 8.5-x-11.7 inches, while an included transparent-materials adaptor scans photo slides
and negatives. The scanner connects with USB 2.0 and ships with consumer-level imaging, panorama and OCR software.
The Scanjet 4670 is a great idea. Unfortunately the output isn’t up to it.