• FlashTrax review

    To the uninitiated, the FlashTrax is an iPod for still images. At its heart is a hard drive running a basic OS viewable through a 3.5-inch colour LCD screen. Photographers can view, manipulate, and delete their images with a minimum of fuss. Rather than just allowing you to view your pictures on the move, the FlashTrax can take them from your camera’s media card.

  • C5100n review

    The Oki C5100n colour LED printer has all the makings of a shared studio laser printer. It has USB 2.0 and ethernet interfaces, as well as plenty of paper capacity, all for a very reasonable £699. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support the Mac platform, it’s slow, and the printer’s output just isn’t good enough to meet the high quality demands of most creative professionals.

  • Edius 2.0 review

    When first launched in summer 2003, Edius seemed like a saviour for users of Canopus’s capture and effects hardware. Tied to Adobe’s ailing Premiere 6.5, Edius offered a more professional and efficient editing environment for the discerning editor. However, Edius turned out to be about as well finished as a PoundStretcher tea-set ...

  • RX-E Workstation review

    Armari’s RX-E includes some of the best components currently available for mid-range, Windows-based 3D workstations. It offers two of the latest generation Xeon processors and a healthy amount of fast RAM – and it sees the first appearance of ATI’s latest workstation-class graphics card.

  • Perfection 4870 Photo review

    The Perfection 4870 Photo is Epson’s attempt to combine the versatility of an A4 flatbed scanner with the ability to scan small format films at adequate resolutions for print. It comes a few months after Microtek’s £155 ScanMaker 6100, which had similar ambitions but fell sadly short on the film side. Can Epson do better?

  • Stitcher 4.0 review

    RealViz is best known for its professional-quality tools for integrating 3D elements into movies. However, its Stitcher software is a high-grade still-imaging tool for creating panoramas from multiple images. Results can be output as a super-wide print, or put onto a Web page or CD to form immersive QuickTime VR MOV, Shockwave, or ...

  • WP-20 Wireless Print Server review

    The WP-20 Wireless Print Server is a small silver box that connects to the i990 via a USB port, and then allows everyone on your network to use the printer via ethernet or Wi-Fi networks. The WP-20 works with most recent Canon photo inkjets, though some models ...

  • Bubble Jet i990 review

    With the power and ease of digital photography winning over even the most ardent film fans, it’s more important than ever that the rest of the process – printing the images you want – produces results as good as the darkroom. Since our last round-up of photo-inkjet printers at the end of 2003, we’ve seen ...

  • Studio Artist 3.0 review

    Studio Artist isn’t well known in the UK, but it’s an impressive piece of graphics software. The developers, Synthetik Software, refer to it as a ‘graphics synthesizer’, making comparisons with the way that music synthesizers work. But for people with a design background, it’s probably better to compare it to the artistic cloning tools in graphics programs like Painter.

  • MediaBank HS-R review

    Combining speed and security, the latest-generation MediaBank HS-R offers an impressive external storage solution – especially if you’re a Mac user who’s just bought a G5 or latest-generation PowerBook. However, it will only appeal to the extremely security-conscious.

  • HP Scanjet 4670 review

    The Scanjet 4670 is a scanner that you can pick up, carry around, and scan any surface within the range of your USB cable. Why risk the wrath of animal lovers by getting a fur coat to scan (and have to cram it into your conventional flatbed) when you can just scan your dog?

  • JVC Pro DR-DV5000E review

    JVC Pro’s DR-DV5000E is a FireWire hard-drive container (with removable 40GB hard drive) and controller that you can add to your shoulder-mounted JVC Pro DV camcorder, and use alongside or instead of tape. Users of the GY-DV5000E camcorder can just bolt it on between the back of the camcorder and the battery, though it can be attached to the DV500, DV550, or DV700 through an adaptor plate.

  • Camedia 5060 Wide Zoom review

    When Olympus announced the 5.1mp Camedia 5060 Wide Zoom compact digital camera back in September, it seemed like the excellent C-5050Z would just be fitted with a wider-angle lens. Actually it’s a major revision, with a new, fully articulated swivelling monitor, and it’s been tuned for faster start-up and shutter response, too. The lower-cost C-5060Z is still available.

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