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The 900 Ti is one of Canon’s pricier Ixus compact cameras. For not much over £200, you get a tough, attractive titanium body equipped with a generous 10-megapixel sensor, but the camera lacks a few of its siblings’ high-end features such as optical image stabilization.

The Ixus 900’s 2.5-inch LCD may be smaller than the Ixus 65’s 3-inch screen, but it’s exceptionally bright and sharp, with a higher resolution of 230,000 pixels.

It also leaves room for a small optical viewfinder – good for shooting under brightly lit conditions. The controls on the right side of the camera seemed a bit cramped, but were easy enough to use. The manual mode doesn’t offer full control over the aperture and exposure settings, but you can customize how the camera takes your shots. You can set contrast, sharpness, and saturation independently, and a variety of colour settings are available.

The Ixus 900 has a face detection feature that automatically selects the best focus and exposure. I was surprised at how quickly it locked onto the faces of people as they walked past – and it works for a range of skin colours too.

The Ixus 900’s 10-megapixel sensor produced exceptionally sharp photos with little distortion. The camera also earned high marks for exposure accuracy, though it performed better in natural light than with a flash. Colour accuracy could have been better, as its performance was mediocre in our tests.

We compared nighttime shots with the Ixus 900 next to a digital SLR and an older compact camera. Significant amounts of noise are noticeable in the 900’s shots as you increase its ISO sensitivity above 400, but it performed better than the older compact at the same ISO settings. The SLR was far superior: Its noise level at ISO 3200 was comparable to the 900’s at ISO 400.

The camera accepts the new SDHC memory card format, though it ships with only a 32MB SD card.

Despite the noise, the Ixus 900 doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of the better compact point-&-shoots.