• Premiere Pro CC review

    Premiere Pro CC may offer a number of handy new features and improvements, but is there enough for you to upgrade?

  • Creative Cloud review

    Should you upgrade to get your hands on Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, After Effects CC, Premiere Pro CC, Dreamweaver CC, Flash Pro CC, Edge CC et al?

  • Adobe Audition CS6 review

    Audition CS6 greatly enhances what was a solid but not entirely feature-complete audio editing package.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 review

    Adobe's Premiere Pro CS6 has a new interface, with enhanced multicam support, faster editing, Warp Stabilizer and more.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 review

    Premiere Pro CS5's key new feature is the Mercury Playback Engine for faster real-time performance, but there's also many more additions in Adobe's video editing tool.

  • GridIron Flow review

    When was the last time you bought a piece of software that changed the way you work? GridIron Flow is a rare example of a groundbreaking technology that fulfils a genuine need within the creative community.

  • Boris Continuum Complete 6 review

    The headline new feature in the Boris Continuum Complete 6 is 3D Objects, which extrude and animate text and vector shapes – replicating tools previously found only Boris Red and Boris Blue.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 review

    Beyond being available for the Mac once more, the last version of Premiere Pro was low on new features – so more than any other CS4 product, it’s due an upgrade.

  • Adobe Soundbooth CS4 review

    Like its predecessor, Adobe’s audio-editing application Soundbooth CS4 is a compromise. Although it includes more advanced features than the original Soundbooth, it eschews...

  • Edius 5 review

    Edius aims to be the plucky little video editor that could. Going up against three major competitors, Edius 5 aims to outperform its rivals and offer a faster and more flexible workflow.

  • Canon HF10 review

    Canon’s HF10 is a high-definition camcorder with a 16GB internal flash drive, plus an SD card slot. In our testing, the HF10 shot impressive, brilliant video...

  • Simulate: Illuma review

    DigiEffect's latest plug-in set includes five lighting tools that will appeal to compositors who don't want to splash out on GenArts Sapphire.

  • Boris Continuum Complete 5 review

    Boasting over 180 filters, Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) covers many bases, including traditional image processors, generators and compositional tools.

  • GenArts Sapphire 2.0 review

    Sapphire is the daddy of VFX plug-in collections. Its high-end toolset has found favour with firms producing VFX for Hollywood feature films – and almost every car ad on TV.

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