Sam Janssen

Graphic designer, Nijmegen, Netherlands.


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wayfar said: I dont agree tracing is a bad thing, designers make stunning art with combining photos and yet don't use any drawings..If tracing a photo makes your art better why not? everybody has his own way of working. Anyway I don't understand why DigitalArts featured this work, it seems like a lot of old work if you check his behance.

charliesheenhardcore said: They may be, but they are also giving a lot of rubbish a chance, and it's why the "graphic design" industry has shifted. A lot of people have lost respect for it, and it's understandable. All we see today are these tracings of photos. Lifeless stuff. They can be covering better artists. People who put their soul into their work and don't trace a thing. There are plenty of graphic artists who do this. Most people like art that has life to it. The graphic industry has made it far too easy for people to be lazy. Then they use every excuse in the world to try and convince someone tracing is a good thing. Meanwhile, the real artist is illustrating his ass off, knows the human form and anatomy, and understands it's importance. There's just far to much of this going on. From the first second you look at the work it exudes no life. It's totally stiff. It's rubbish. This is a London based magazine. As an American i look at London in awe of how many amazingly talented people come from it. Especially in the design and art field. This magazine has pull in the industry, and i think they should be helping make the shift to give this industry a better name. Covering things of this nature kind of sets everyone back. Don't trace photos. It teaches you nothing.

wayfar said: I disagree, they give young talent a chance. This artist also scored the cover of the may issue

eos76 said: Have to agree.

charliesheenhardcore said: I'd love to see you guys cover some art that has some feeling. Not some boring traced out stiff stuff. Really guys it's no wonder why i'm the only one who comments on here. Readership must be going down, and it's no wonder why. You guys are constantly covering these trace artists, and today things have changed. We've gone through a shift where people don't even want to look at stuff like that anymore. It's so lifeless.

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