Watch Tokyo turn to AR hell in new Squarepusher promo

You won't want to try these augmented glasses.

Tokyo's infamous Shibuya Crossing is already a visual overload as it is, crammed with pedestrians and traffic, blinking all night with billboards and neon. A new music video though imagines seeing this hubub through augmented-reality spectacles, as a data overload makes reality disintegrate into some kind of Black Mirror nightmare.

Terminal Slam by Squarepusher – which you can watch below – is the latest single from the UK electronica legend's fifteenth studio LP, Be Up a Hello. The promo comes directed by Manabe Daito, who's worked before with Squarepusher, along with other musical acts like Ryuichi Sakamoto, Björk, and OK GO.

As you can see, the video starts inauspiciously enough, with a young Tokyoite popping on a pair of AR glasses that tags every person, poster and sign in sight. 

This influx of logos and branding goes into meltdown the deeper she journeys through Tokyo by foot and metro, the idea being her glasses are 'rewriting' each ad through digital distortion.

A nice act of rebellion against the optics of capitalism, perhaps – but after five whole minutes of glitches and datamoshing, you'll be missing the relative calm of Tokyo IRL.

The video includes an accidental shout out to J-poppers Maison book girl

We're still excited though to see what Manabe Daito has up his sleeves for the Tokyo Olympics this year, for which he'll contributing to the opening ceremony as part of his creative outfit Rhizomatiks.

For another hyper Squarepusher vid set in Japan, try out Chris Cunningham's promo to Come On My Selector, as set in an 'Osaka home for mentally disturbed children.' Bona-fide classic.

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