Sorenson Media has released Sorenson Squeeze 8, which gains 'seamless' Squeeze Server integration; adaptive bitrate encoding for new formats, x264 support and optimization and enhanced GPU acceleration. The company has also released a new low-cost Lite version.

The new version’s integration with Squeeze Server enables users to free up their desktop machines by offloading encoding jobs to a separate server. Squeeze Server enables secure video encoding behind a user’s firewall, and can easily run in any Windows-based server environment.

This latest release now includes optimized performance for three leading adaptive bitrate streaming platforms: Adobe Dynamic Streaming; Apple HTTP Adaptive Streaming; and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. The unique adaptive bitrate support automatically transcodes each individual video file into multiple, chunked segments in a full array of bitrates, organizes these segments into a folder, and delivers them to the specified destinations for playback on any device.

In addition to the MainConcept H.264 codec in Squeeze 7, Sorenson Squeeze 8 adds full support for the increasingly popular x264 codec. Users can adjust and optimize up to 48 major encoding parameters, including key framerates, encoding modes and performance, to adapt the H.264 format to their needs and workflow.

Optimized for Squeeze 8, GPU acceleration using Nvidia CUDA boosts speed and quality for creating .mp4 proxy files. Other new features include tooltips, fine-grain controls associated with each codec to enable users to adjust more aspects within each setting; new Preset naming conventions to give users greater control; an Enhanced Preset Exchange to provide users with broader and more intuitive access to Presets developed by some of the world’s leading encoding professionals; and an encode preview that has been refined to display five seconds of encoded video to visually demonstrate encoded video easily and clearly before an encode is run.

Sorenson Squeeze 8 Lite is a cut-down version of the software that works with formats including Flash FLV, Flash SWF, MPEG-4, QuickTime, Windows Media, WMA and WebM. It enables single file encoding to the highest standards with the ability to still use popular settings and filters available in Sorenson Squeeze.

Sorenson Squeeze 8 costs US$599 (around £370, and $200 less than Squeeze 7) and Squeeze 8 Lite costs $199 (£125).