Slaves' Feed The Mantaray music video is like the Mighty Boosh does Spongebob

The latest music video by the up-&-coming punks Slaves is gloriously silly and anarchic – and has lower-than-lo-fi production values that matches their abrasive-but-tuneful sound.

Feed The Mantaray is the perfect antidote to the slick and seamless VFX and animation celebrated at Sunday's Oscars. This video wears its seams with pride, and revels in visual effects that would have seemed cheap even 20 years ago.

The follow-up to Slaves' single The Hunter – much played across 6Music – the video for Feed The Mantaray puts the band's two members in a oversaturated undersea world, pursued by said manatray with a taste for bloody. OK, it's not actually a mantaray. It's not even a CG mantaray. It's a bloke in an ill-fitting mantaray suit and crap make-up. But you get the feeling it's all on purpose.

Like The Mighty Boosh, it's clearly supposed to look like it was shot on a budget of £50 – most of which was spent on the costume and hiring a bubble machine (which it may well have been, considering where music video budgets have been going for the last decade). But that's a perfect match for a band who are supposed to be the voice of 'Austerity Britain' – having stupid fun on the cheap and causing trouble as the only way to deal with a with a world that's not getting better any time soon.

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