Secret Cinema organisers hold a night of amazing short films in London

Future Cinema is known for putting on some of the best nights out in London – and a new night bases an experience around the best short films of the past 10 years.

Mixing film screenings with live experiences, Future Cinema’s events have three strands: Secret Cinema, Future Cinema and Future Shorts. The best known, Secret Cinema sees venues are transformed into the sets of films and packed with over a hundred actors – whether a disused Hackney school turned into a prison for The Shawshank Redemption or the art deco East London Troxy cinema becoming a speakeasy for Bugsy Malone (with ensuing giant pie fight). Patrons don’t know what the film is until it rolls at the end of the evening – but it’s usually pretty easy to guess in advance from the hints and costume suggestions dropped by organisers.

Future Cinema’s 'own brand’ events take the most successful of Secret Cinema’s nights and re-runs them for a wider crowd that wants to know what they’re getting – such as Ghostbusters at the Troxy the weekend after next and in the run up to Christmas.

Future Shorts describes itself as a ‘pop-up’ film festival, showing short films from around the world at bars, theatres and music festivals – as well as at Secret/Future Cinema Events. It’s been running for almost ten years, so is running an ‘nearly 10th birthday’ event somewhere in East London on November 29/30th (that’s a week Friday/Saturday to you and me).

The night will see films, DJs and some special stuff the organisers are keeping secret til then night. They’re not saying what they showing, but watch Elefante as one example of a film shown at Future Shorts previously.

Below is the flyer. Utopia Skyways was used as part of the experience around Blade Runner that Secret Cinema ran in Docklands in 2010.

Tickets can be purchased from here.

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