Red Giant Software, makers of a range of visual effects plug-ins, has announced its products will support Adobe Creative Suite 5, revealed earlier this week.

Magic Bullet Looks, Knoll Light Factory, Trapcode Suite, and Pro Keying Suite will be the first products available for Adobe After Effects CS5 and/or Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.

Red Giant Software will release Adobe CS5 updaters within two weeks of Adobe CS5 shipping, the company announced.  All other products will be available for Adobe CS5 by the summer.

The Adobe CS5 updaters from Red Giant Software are only applicable to users that choose to upgrade to Adobe CS5.

The Adobe CS5 updaters for Red Giant Software products will offer support for 64-bit computing, which will allow multiple applications to run with improved performance, as well as smooth playback of multiple streams of video in real-time in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.

"With these 64-bit updaters, we were focused on taking advantage of greater memory capacity and reliability. We had a dedicated staff of engineers writing code and another team testing our software to ensure compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite 5. The project was a big undertaking, and as a result this upgrade packs a lot of performance for users," said Sean Safreed, Co-Owner and Director of Products at Red Giant Software.

Adobe CS5 updates for all individual products will be available for $29 each, around £18. Trapcode Suite and/or Magic Bullet Suite customers can upgrade the entire Suite for $99, around £63.

Magic Bullet PhotoLooks and Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop users qualify for a free upgrade to Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Red Giant Software offers over 30 packages designed for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Avid, including effects for designing realistic fire, rain, and water and creating perfect keys.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 will be available next month. Full pricing details can be found here.

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