NAB 2013: MoVI is a new camera stabilizer that works like witchcraft

The film industry has used steadicams to produce some of the most intimate, action-packed shots in movies and on TV. Vincent LaForet of Freefly Systems says he has improved the technology with a newly announced product called the MoVI that's lighter, smaller, and even more flexible than ever.

The problem with current steadicam technology is that you have to attach heavy counterweights below the camera, which limits the dynamic moving pictures you can capture. Instead of using weights, the MoVI balances the camera using a custom-made gimbal and 3-axis gyroscope.

The new rig is much smaller and lighter than other stabilizers, allowing you to take shots in much tighter spaces than was previously possible. It can also be used as a handheld contraption, which means you can set the camera at angles that some old-style rigs simply can't achieve (see the staircase scene for an example).

This thing simply looks like sorcery. At the same time, Vincent makes it look childishly easy to use, by playing Ring Around the Rosie with the MoVI and juggling it profusely.

The M?VI costs US$15,000 (around £9,800), though a $7,500 (£4,900) version in the works.

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