Sony Creative Software has launched Vegas Pro 10.0d at the NAB 2011 trade show in Las Vegas. The award-winning now includes improved closed captioning options, support for stereoscopic 3D footage and AMD's graphics cards and improved track group workflow.

The built-in AVC encoder now uses OpenCL to tap the power of modern graphics cards, so supports AMD's graphics cards for acceleration. Previously only Nvidia cards could be tapped.

As well as being able to edit MVC and MPO 3D, Vegas Pro can also burn full HD 3D Blu-ray Discs onto BD-R/BD-RE media.

Vegas Pro 10.0d also gains support for the XDCAM PMW-500 camcorder, enhanced closed captioning and improvements to track grouping -- including a new mute/solo technology to help users isolate and work with specific tracks while mixing.

Vegas Pro 10.0d will be available for download in late April 2011 from and is free for existing registered Vegas Pro 10 users, or £209.95 for owners of Vegas Pro 9 or prior.