Bringing together the best of the UK digital video scene, MacVideo Expo, on 19th October 2010 is shaping up to be the major “shoot and edit” event for the UK in 2010.

Run by our sister site Macvideo, The focus is knowledge, networking and a gathering of creative professionals who make their living from making videos. Camera technology, editing, encoding, lighting, sound, motion graphics, and of course, video on the Mac – these will all be hot topics of conversation at MacVideo Expo.

Taking place at The Royal Society of Medicine in London, MacVideo Expo kicks off at 3pm with a trade show exhibit area, leading up to the main show which begins at 6.30pm

From 6.30 – 10pm there is nothing but pure digital video – demonstrated by the creatives who use the gear and the manufacturers who make it. The agenda will include current hot technologies and products which have already roused the interest of the video world at NAB and IBC.

The evening show will be recorded and rolled out on the MacVideo website, ensuring a viewing audience of thousands beyond those who make it to the event.

MacVideo Expo is expected to be attended by several hundred video professionals. It will be an evening of learning, sharing of knowledge, networking, excitement and entertainment. It will also be an opportunity to check out products first-hand, understand workflows, see what video professionals can do using current technology, and be a part of the UK video community.

For more info, visit the Macvideo site.