Amsterdam-based agency We Are Pi and director Joanna Bailey have created a heartwarming broadcast ad (above) at the centre of Lego's Christmas campaign – which was shown for the first time on ITV1 during X-Factor on Saturday.

The spot shows a dad and son bonding over their shared love of being creative with Lego, designing and building structures, vehicles and improbable animals. It's a sentiment we can all get behind – eschewing much of the modern Lego product range and marketing that's focussed on building specific kits, franchised flim tie-ins and the lets-face-it-it's-just-sexist Lego Friends and instead concentrating on the freeform creativty of Lego's roots.

While the spot shows a boy and his dad, there's nothing gender-specific about it – though I'd be pleased if there was a matching version with a mum and her daughter rather than a note in the press release about it saying "Mums are sure to be moved by the sight of a father and son sharing their own special play moment". I'm sure most mums would rather just get stuck in and get creative with Lego too.