Inspiration: Public Service Broadcasting's ROYGBIV

Perk up your morning with a new colour-inspired track from band-of-the-moment Public Service Broadcasting.

If you're in need of some musical stimulation, listen to the track ROYGBIV from the new album by 'retro-obsessed ambient prog' act, Public Service Broadcasting. Nope, I'm not sure what that term means either. I'd describe them as a bit like Lemon Jelly*, with a bit of War of the Worlds, minus the aliens and with a lot of samples from Pathé News reels – but I'm not sure that's any more helpful, so just give them a listen below.

The London-based duo have made a name for themselves not only for their music, but for the audio-visual mix of old propaganda films and vintage newsreels that accompany them live. Check out a sample of their live experience below.

Unfortunately – unless you already have tickets – their shows at Village Underground this weekend are alread sold out, but they are playing at a special event on the evening of June 7 at the British Library (opposite the Digital Arts offices) as part of that institution's summer exhibition, Propaganda: Power and Persuasion.

Public Service Broadcasting's damn good new album Inform – Educate – Entertain is out now.

* Another band with a creative connection, as half of Lemon Jelly is Fred Deakin: co-founder and creative director of the much-missed design agency Airside.

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