The Pixel Farm has released PFDepth – a new, fully integrated toolset for total scene reconstruction, 2D-to-3D conversion and depth map creation – at the IBC 2012 trade show in Amsterdam.

The company says that PFDepth can accurately work out the perceived geometric shape and depth of objects, buildings and terrain on 2D footage and create a 3D map of the scenes from it. It's designed to make it easier for VFX houses to build complex geometry, detailed per-pixel depth maps, and stereoscopic renders of 2D scenes.

PFDepth uses real-world camera models. Using The Pixel Farm’s own 3D camera tracking technology as its foundation, accurate depth cues are assigned to each pixel in the image relative to the real-world camera’s position over time, while dynamic adjustments to convergence can be animated automatically. The Pixel Farm says that the result is scene reconstruction and stereoscopy that appears as true to life as the original environment in which it was shot.

The Pixel Farm says that as PFDepth puts all tools an artist might need for 3D scene reconstruction in a single tool, they can create, edit, segment,sculpt, filter and combine objects in world space more efficiently than with multiple applications.

PFDepth is a a 64-bit application running natively on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux – and costs £2,000, US$3,300 or €2500.