How Found created this skateboard, bike and parkour stunts-laden, single-take car ad

This viral ad for the new Peugeot 208 (above) by has gathered nearly 300,000 views since its launch on Saturday, offering a breathtaking sequence of skateboard, bike and parkour stunts.

Watch how Found and Havas Helia UK created the film below.

There are no cutaways in the piece, created by London-based Found Studio and Havas Helia UK which was captured in one, unedited take.

Driving backwards across a huge urban course, Junior Rally driver Chris Ingram had to navigate using only the reverse parking camera and a blue guiding line before finishing with an exhilarating handbrake turn.

Every precision-turn reveals the next audacious stunt from a team of professional performers: skaters, a freestyle BMX, an extreme mountain biker and parkour.

Havas Helia creative director Mat Denney said Peugeot had wanted to find a new way to connect with an advertising-sceptical audience, adding, "This was the chance to create something truly exciting, risky and innovative with a supportive client who is as keen as we are to push audience expectations of their brand." 

Shot simultaneously using an array of carefully positioned cameras around the car park, as well as a drone and a car-mounted GoPro to film the action, the making of video reveals how the car camera was effectively used like a camera dolly (but in reverse) to film the stuntmen.

This alternative view gives the viewer the chance to see the action unfolding in real time and from different perspectives, in addition to showcasing the car itself.

The performers are Paul 'Blue' Joseph (parkour), Danny Butler (extreme mountain biker), Keelan Phillips (freestyle BMX), Tony Gale and Nathan Morris (skaters), and Chris Ingram (rally driver).

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