GoPro, creators of the HDHero tiny professional-level video camera that's proved incredibly popular with film and documentary makers, has released new versions of its CineForm software for processing video captured with the camera (or with two of them using the 3D Hero system), or other high-end cameras including the Arri Alexa, Red and Phantom.

The tools are designed to work with most editing software on Mac and Windows, including Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Avid systems.

Premuim and Professional versions of the tools are available, as well as a free version. GoPro CineForm Studio Premium features a new user interface, non-destructive color correction, reframing, image manipulation and 3D correction. It supports a wide range of camcorders and cameras from consumer models to professional 3D (single body) video cameras to feature film-grade cameras.

GoPro CineForm Studio Professional adds advanced non-destructive 3D correction and independent eye control for professional 3D camera rigs

GoPro CineForm Studio Premium costs $299 (£195), and GoPro CineForm Studio Professional costs $999 (£650) from