Fun film festival trailer plays with classic movie scenes

The Cinescape campaign for the 40th Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) takes the concept of films being an escape from reality and runs with it, featuring a trailer (above) where scientists put test subjects inside a VR rig that transports them into iconic scenes from films from Trainspotting to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Ad agency Wongdoody and digital studio World Famous were briefed to create a campaign that 'conveyed the positive, joyful, celebratory moments that the [40th anniversary] milestone represents’. The trailer is the centrepiece of the campaign, which also includes an overall identity that’s used across print, outdoor and online elements.

The trailer is set in the 'SIFForty Laboratories’. Experiment subjects are shown acting out scenes with props in a sterile, scientific environment, which then cuts to the scenes themselves (or vice-versa). The end result is a lot of fun.

The print parts of the campaign is focussed around the tagline of 'You will be returned home safely but forever changed’ and the key graphic below, which was designed to be both ‘modern and psychedelic’. It’s creators say that most of the image was composed in-camera, with only the water in the background, light obscuring her eyes, dress and halo effect composited in digitally.

The trailer is currently screening in cinemas around Seattle before the festival kicks off on May 15.

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