Free rocket & space sounds: NASA launches archive of interstellar audio on SoundCloud

NASA's new sound collection on SoundCloud includes the sounds of the Space Shuttle, Apollo mission, satellites and speeches by JFK.

The huge NASA Images archive of public-domain photos from across its 56-year history is a library well-mined by artists, designers and editors for inspiration and elements to included in their work. NASA has recently been making an attempt to make the notoriously difficult-to-navigate site - there aren't even thumbnails for many of the images - more accessible by uploading the best and best-known images to Flickr.

Now NASA is doing the same with its extensive audio collection, taking iconic sounds from its largely impenetrable sound archive and placing them on a NASA Soundcloud page.

This collection focusses on iconic sounds you associate with NASA: rocket engines, satellite beeps, the Space Shuttle launch, Neil Armstrong's "The Eagle Has Landed" from the Apollo 11 first moon landing - plus a lot more from space, spacecraft and NASA's HQ in Houston.

Downloading NASA's sounds

NASA's sounds can be downloaded from SoundCloud, though they don't appear to be of the same quality as those in the wider archive. They're also listed as being for non-commercial use only, which is clearly a mistake as the wider archive is public domain. It's been a central tenet of NASA's archives since they were set up that you can use them commercially as long as you don't imply NASA's endorsement.

So whether you need rocket sounds for a sci-fi film or archive conversations for a Coldcut-style music track, get playing and downloading.

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