Fabrica creates World Environment Day video to be shown in Picadilly Circus and Times Square

Fabrica – Benetton's design school and creative research lab – has created a video (above) that aims to remind viewers of the value of food – and inspire them to waste less in their daily lives.

The video will be shown in Piccadilly Circus, London and Times Square, New York today for World Environment Day, supported by UNRIC (United Nations Regional Information Centre) and UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme).

The video shows a succession of foods that follow one after another on the screen: a banana, an apple, a tin of tuna, some peppers, a head of lettuce, a walnut, an opened pomegranate. They appear on a background that changes from yellow to pink, green or pale blue. The pictures are accompanied by music with a driving rhythm, and seem to alternate in a dance that is designed to grow ever more engaging.

“Food is precious, but in our daily lives we take it for granted, and we do not notice its beauty”, says 23-year-old Gastón Lisak, Fabrica’s resident from Barcelona who conceived this video. For this reason, the video ends with the words 'A third of world’s food is lost and wasted'. The creators say they aim at offering both an admonition and an invitation to become more aware of the value of food.

"I'm particularly proud that Fabrica has been able to produce this work for the United Nations Environment Programme," says Fabrica's CEO, Dan Hill. "The identity Gastón has produced continues our tradition of socially-concerned work, and renders it in the amazing context of Times Square and Piccadilly Circus. We want our work to touch real people in the everyday urban landscape, rather than reside in art galleries, as well as genuinely making a difference, so I'm both grateful for the opportunity and extremely happy with the outcome. I hope we can do more."

The video is also included in the Live Windows project, a network of collaboration with European art and design schools, to create content on social issues, linked with the UN's international days. These are then displayed on the exteriors of Benetton's stores around the world.

Fabrica is one the most creative places in the world to work, which we go on a world trip to visit in our June issue.

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