Editors Keys has launched the Portable Vocal Booth Home Edition, which the company believes could be the answer to all poor home recording acoustic conditions.

According to the company, the vocal booth easily attaches to any microphone stand and creates an acoustic shield around the vocalists microphone, preventing both external sound sources - such as air conditioning, traffic or computer noise - entering the microphone, as well as preventing the performed vocals bouncing off the walls, back into the microphone.

The Vocal Booth Home Edition is part of the new home recording equipment range from Editors Keys, a new cost effective version based on the successful Pro version, which comes with a built in stand.

The company reportedly gave away over one hundred units to professional and home recording artists and 97 per cent agreed that the vocal booth improved recordings greatly.

The Vocal Booth Home Edition is available now for £99.99 at www.editorskeys.com

The product comes with a 5-year guarantee and a promise that if it doesn’t greatly improve your recording quality, the company will offer a full money back promise.

Editors Keys

Launched in 2004, Editors Keys is a Manchester-based developer and producer of adhesive shortcut sticker sets for leading creative programs such as Premiere, Photoshop, Final Cut, Avid, Pro Tools, Cubase and Logic. The company also produces a range of training DVDs, which offer tutorials on learning software and playing musical instruments.

Since 2009, Editors Keys launched a range of recording equipment, including USB microphones, pop filters and portable vocal booths and sound booths.