Digital Heaven has released two filter plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5, both rewritten using Apple's latest FxPlug 2 architecture to take full advantage of GPU rendering and 64 bit processing.


DH_Box creates split-screen effects. Editors can apply one of the eight new built-in presets or use the new on-screen source and target controls to customise the scale, cropping and position of the footage. Quickly transition between full-frame and split-screen using the filter's Box Amount slider.


DH_ReincarnationX is the first FxPlug pixel correction filter for Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X. Dead pixels have long been a issue on traditional video cameras, but with the rising popularity of shooting HD video on DSLRs the problem is becoming more widespread. Up to two dead pixel areas can be intelligently fixed with a single application of DH_ReincarnationX. Three interpolation settings are available.

Digital heaven

DH_Box costs £26.45/US$39. DH_ReincarnationX costs £46.79/$69.