Brian Cox to step into's shoes with IBC keynote

It's witnessed pay his digital dues, but now the IBC Conference is to welcome physics professor, TV host and pop star, Brian Cox

Recognised for his hit TV series discovering and explaining the wonders of life and the universe, the multiple award-winning broadcaster is to take part in the IBC Conference keynote session Television’s Expanding Universe on Sunday 14 September, at the RAI in Amsterdam.

Cox will give a keynote address in which he will explain how his unique story-telling style evolved and consider the impact of television’s expansion since the TV series Cosmos first aired in 1980. Credited with making science engaging and accessible to millions, Cox will also be giving his thoughts on the physics of television and its future evolution.

Black Eyed Peas star and entrepeneur, in his role as Intel’s director of creative marketing, took to the same stage in 2012 to tell the assembled technologists and broadcasters to turn away from monetisation, start hiring coders and 'rethink what can be achieved’. On this occasion though the message was in danger of being drowned out by the media - the pair of bright red Christian Lacroix shoes the musician wore on stage probably garnered as many headlines. enthralling the IBC Conference in 2012

Both shoes and singer are a hard act to follow, but mild-mannered stargazer Cox is likely to pull it off in his own charismatic fashion. “Television programmes like Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and James Burke's Connections had a great influence on me when I was younger,” he said “It’s my view that television is still the most powerful and direct way of inspiring new generations of viewers. Integrating television with social media and the internet enhances that potential.”

Cox continued: “But of course power comes with responsibility, and whilst we celebrate our continuing success, we must also take our responsibility to educate, inform and influence seriously. Can we still strive to be Reithian in today’s multi-platform, multi-channel world? We’d better try if we want to remain relevant, influential, and successful."

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