Directors Pic Pic Andre, famous for their madcap Cravendale spots, have created a full-length feature film with the same surreal humour. A Town Called Panic hits British cinemas today.

Featuring the zany cast of the A Town Called Panic TV series, this feature-length film is the culmination of an idea first conceived by Pic Pic at animation school over 10 years ago and left to gather dust until the pilot episode was rediscovered by producer Vincent Tavier.

Stars Cowboy, Janine, Steven and assorted farmyard animals have well and truly shaken off their humble beginnings as flea-market finds in this 80-minute caper of off-the-wall craziness -- with subtitles.

Pic Pic commented:  "One of the biggest challenges was to write a story that would hold the audience's attention for 80 long minutes as opposed to the five-minute TV episodes we were used to. This meant adapting and adjusting not only our storytelling methods but also our way of working and animating.

"We realised that if the film was to be shown on the big screen, we had to pay much more attention to the details and depth of the art direction so as to create a richer visual experience and a great deal of effort was therefore put into the design and construction of the sets.  That said, we wanted to stay as true as possible to the initial spirit of PANIC, namely its spontaneous simplicity, its homemade feel and its childlike absurdity."
Here are a few behind-the-scenes stills from the elaborate production.