Filmmaking advice from Muhammad Ali and Bradley Wiggins documentary-maker

Digital Arts' art editor Johann Chan recently interviewed documentary film director Jonathan Dower at Lincoln University, as part of the Young Creative Chevrolet lecture series. Watch the interview above.

The lectures are a new addition to YCC, a Europe-wide contest for fashion, photography, video and visual arts students.

The insight into John Dower's 14 year career as a film-maker and director, was based around the discussion of his two films: the award-winning Thrilla in Manilla about Muhammad Ali and the recent Bradley Wiggins documentary A year on the Yellow.

John had some great advice for the young filmmakers: from getting paid extra for writing credits, to getting the best out your documentary subjects. 

"If you spend an hour and three quarters and don't turn the camera on, sit and chat, and then film for the next 15 minutes. You'll get better stuff than just walking in with the camera on," he explained.

John Dower and Johann Chan

John also talked about presenting a story through documentary, and tricks and tips on capturing personalities and scenes in sometimes difficult situations.

Digital Arts will be judging the YCC film-making category on May 15.

The rivalry betwen the fast talking Muhamed Ali and Joe Frazier is one of the greatest battles in heavy weight boxing history.

Jon talks about the rich archive footage including what he refers to as 'the smoking gun of the film', Muhamed Ali at a nation of Islam conference followed by a KKK rally (16:43)

John had a great story on meeting Ali's fight doctor, the charismatic Ferdie Pachenko (34:00)

John Dowers explains how one of his favourite pieces from 'A year in the Yellow' with wife Cath Wiggins, almost didn't happen. (28:30)

Capturing intimate moments with Bradley Wiggins from A year in the Yellow explained (20:00)
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