Artbeats has released its first sets of stereoscopic 3D (S3D) stock footage. The initial offerings include a variety of nature shots, plus the first S3D aerial stock footage available to the royalty-free market. The company says that new 3D content will be added monthly, including pyrotechnic, city scene, establishment, winter scene and additional aerial collections.

Artbeats says that it is the first production company to utilize Pictorvision's gyrostabilized eclipse 3D aerial rig, capturing aerials of downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Long Beach and the shores of Catalina. On this shoot, two Red MX cameras with Optimo 17-80mm lenses were used to obtain nature imagery and dramatic daytime and nighttime shots of Los Angeles skyscrapers.

"With a 6.5-inch interocular, the distance between lenses, we stayed close to our subjects to get the deepest stereo effect," says Artbeats president and lead cinematographer, Phil Bates. "Our all-pro crew included stereographer, Ken Corben, DP, Doug Holgate and pilot, John Tamburro. The combination yielded some incredible footage that is now available on our website. Although we're excited about our initial offering of 3D footage, it is only a small sample and more will be made available in the coming months."

Artbeats' 3D equipment, which includes Red MX cameras on a stereo rig, will expand to include Red Epic cameras and a beamsplitter rig later this year. "We'll be shooting fire effects, urban settings, establishments, and much more," adds Bates. "We have a very busy year planned. In addition, our 3D library is growing to include content from outside producers."

Artbeats' S3D stock footage is offered as Quicktime movie files with formats that include HD stereo pairs (both sides squeezed horizontally into a single HD frame), separate HD Right and Left views and 4K versions (when shot on Red). Each clip includes metadata including the positive parallax percentage, interocular separation measurements, and the maximum display size, which is the largest suggested screen size on which to display a clip. Artbeats also offers a helpful S3D Video Guide, with a free clip available too.

Royalty-free pricing for S3D HD footage is between US$449 (aroiund £280) to $799 (£500) per clip. Artbeats FootageHub rights managed S3D HD clips range in price from $499 (£315) to $1,999 (£1,250). Pricing includes separate left and right views, as well as a side-by-side stereo pair. Most of the S3D clips are also available in high-res 4K versions.