Apple, Archiware, JPY and MXF4Mac will be demonstrating a range of time-saving video production tips using Final Cut and other tools at a special afternoon event next month.

The free 'Video Visions' event runs all afternoon on Tuesday 23rd March at the Apple Executive Briefing Center, located on One Hanover Street, around the corner from the flagship Apple Store, Regent Street, in the heart of London’s west end.

'Video Visions' will cover a variety of topics including production, workflow, data management and archiving.

Apple’s Marcelo Oliveira and freelance expert André Aulich will be offering talks on efficient workflow practices with Final Cut and its integration with Xsan, Final Cut Server and Archiware PresSTORE.

Dr Marc Batschkus of Archiware and David Fox of JPY will be offering discussions on video data management through the workflow. Björn Adamski of MXF4mac will discuss use of the Material Exchange Format (MXF) in unifying workflow processes at the event.

"Archiware’s previous Video Visions events were enormously successful, and were hugely well received by the community", said Dr. Marc Batschkus, of Archiware.

"To be honest post-production people aren’t interested in turning up to a seminar just to hear about a bunch of new products; they want useful information they can apply on the level of their everyday working lives. Archiware and its partners engage at that practical level. Sharing experiences with the post-production community and supporting effective solutions is their main goal with this event."

"JPY will be at this event illustrating the uses of PresSTORE, one of the industry’s favourite solutions for fail-over management, archiving and backup of large amounts of video data", added Dr John Yardley, CEO of JPY.

"With ever increasing mountains of video data we find production houses are increasingly grateful for practical advice as to how to manage it. We generally find these events are a brilliant way to spread new ideas, share everyday tips for post-production professionals and to network with one another. I look forward to it immensely."

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