Digital Arts was among a select bunch of journalists, students, teachers and Apple folk who attended the Creative Contest 2010 Awards ceremony at Apple's London HQ last Friday. The pan-European competition, organised by Apple for all students of the Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education Programme (AATCe), was a celebration of new talent along with Apple's creative software, especially Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio.

Those entering had simply to create a film or song using Final Cut Studio or Logic Studio, with no particular theme or agenda. A panel of Apple staff helped select the top 15 competition entries in each category -- audio and video -- from the hundreds of students who entered. With work evaluated on creative aspects (80 per cent), and on documentation  (20 per cent), a select number of creative professionals then chose first, second and third placed winners.


The judges consisted of Chris Cunningham -- famed for his music videos for the likes of Bjork and Aphex Twin; storyboard and concept artist Dan Maslen, who has worked on Green Zone, The Bourne Ultimatum and The Wolfman in recent years; and producer and writer Ash Atalla, best known for producing the comedy series The Office, covering video.

For audio, the judges were multi-platinum selling producer and songwriter Paul O’Duffy; producer, remixer and musician William Orbit; and musician and Logic Studio specialist George Vjestica.


The shortlisted entries proved impressive, the quality of a high standard.

The Top 3 winners in video were:
1. Elke Sengier Belgium Rits - Erasmushogeschool
2. Benjamin Baudet France ENSA
3. Chris Turner UK Norwich University of the Arts

Followed in no particular order by:
4. Kirill Pavlov Russia GUKIT - St. Petersburg State University
5. José Antonio Gil Valencia Spain Trazos
6. Soraya Pérez Borrego Spain Cice S.A.
7. Elisa Henrich Germany SAE Institute Berlin
8. Diego de Vega Marti Spain Cice S.A.
9. Fernando Jesus Sanchez Anido Spain Cice S.A.
10. Nathan Besse France ESRA Paris

The Top 3 winners in audio were:
1. Samuel Eads UK University of Surrey
2. Stéphane Rombi France L'école ATLA
3. Darren Martin UK University of Westminster

Followed in no particular order by:
4. Atli Steinarsson UK LIPA
5. Jack Philips UK LIPA
6. Cian Finn Ireland Galway Technical Institute
7. Damien Tuffal France L'école ATLA
8. Méné Ewomba France ESRA Paris
9. Tom Prendergast UK Doncaster College
10. Richard Abiona UK


Of the winners only Samuel Eads, who was on holiday in Greece with his girlfriend, missed out, although his dad proved an amusing and extremely happy substitute. As well as receiving an impressive award, students each received a new MacBook Pro along with a copy of both Final Cut Studio or Logic Studio.

Elke Sengier's film Virginie was, for Digital Arts, the outstanding winner. Covering life, death, loss and absence without resorting to being maudlin, the film managed to encapsulate an entire, though tragically short life, in just over four minutes.

An Apple AATCe Creative Contest 2010 - Winners podcast showcasing the winners is available free here.

More about Apple's AATCe programme and benefits can be found here.