Stick it to the man with this fun, free font made out of corporate logos

The famous logos of Google, Netflix and more make up this anarchic new typeface.

As more and more millennials turn to socialism as we seemingly enter the crashing endgame of late stage capitalism, what better time for a new font to emerge made entirely out of corporate logos?

Brand New Roman is the brainchild of American marketing agency Hello Velocity, a free coloured font that assigns one famous logo to each letter of the alphabet e.g. A is for Amazon, B is for Beats Electronics etc.

76 brands in total are incorporated into the typeface, so best download now before the entire project gets a phonecall from the lawyers. You can try out the font for yourself on the website to check whether it's worth a download, or cast your eyes on these various fun creations made by other artists using the font.

Kevin Cadena
Channel Studio

Laurianne Frosel

Laurianne Frosel with Barbara Krueger

It's probably worth noting that you can't use Brand New Roman for your own commercial projects without carrying out a little copyright infringement of your own, so probably best use it for parody or reference purposes.

Chrome and Firefox users may also be interested to know they can download a plugin that turns all website text into Brand New Roman. That'll truly stick it to the man, man!

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