Elderly worries over Christmas are exposed in exquisite lettering by Alison Carmichael for Age UK

New adverts remind us no one should have no one to turn to this winter.

Christmas TV ad season is here, with heart-tugging commercials rolled out for, well, commercial entities looking to get their hands on your money.

Finally though we have something that hits home for an actual good cause, delivered in the form of Age UK's latest promo campaign 'No one should have no one to turn to', launching today in the UK.

The venture supports older people who have no one to turn to in a crisis, with lettering master Alison Carmichael bringing the inner lives of the elderly to the surface through some exquisite bespoke typography.

Developed by creative agency Brave, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the challenges getting older can bring, such as coming to terms with a bereavement or becoming a carer for a loved one. Money raised will help to fund essential services, such as the free telephone Advice Line, which is open every day of the year – including Christmas day – and gives clear, practical guidance that makes sense of complicated situations.  

Dave Lawrence, planning partner at Brave, commented “Christmas is traditionally a time for families and togetherness, but thousands of vulnerable, older people across the UK will find themselves on their own.

"We hope this campaign will encourage people to donate to this amazing cause and raise awareness that Age UK is there for people when they need it most.”

“Our winter campaign is always so important, not only to raise awareness of those who will spend this Christmas all alone with their problems but also to generate much-needed funds for our work," adds Kathi Hall, head of content strategy and brand at Age UK.

"Together with Alison and Brave, and the older people who have shared their stories with us, we hope that we’ve created something powerful that will help people understand just how tough later life can be when you have no one to turn to.”

The poignant campaign will be seen on TV screens as well as across billboards London, Manchester and Birmingham.

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