Monotype launches two sans serif typefaces designed for modern brands

Madera Extra Bold (left) and Madera Ultra Light Italic (right)

Font specialists Monotype are releasing two fresh typefaces today. Designed to be used digitally and in print, as small or display text, the legible fonts have a focus on logo design. Both Unitext and Madera are sans serif designs, specifically created with modern brands in mind. Both typefaces can be found in Monotype’s new cloud-based font platform, Mosaic, in MyFonts or through the Monotype library subscription.

See what each typeface has to offer and how you can get hold of them for your next branding project. For more, see our roundup of best free fonts.


Simplistic and compact, this typeface – designed by Hendrik Weber – allows room for creative freedom and diverse application, so a brand’s 'natural voice' can shine through. It’s a blend of grotesque and humanist styles and offers a balance of condensed spacing with open counters, making it a good choice for both logos and text.

Unitext is available in seven weights, plus italics.

Download Unitext from MyFonts.


Slightly more demanding of attention, Malou Verlomme’s typeface is a geometric sans design with humanistic traits, marked by its pointy apexes. Designed for high-tech and publishing, with an emphasis on logos and signage, Madera is a clean and straightforward typeface.

Madera is available in eight weights, plus italics, It also includes characters frequently used by graphic designers such as arrows, circled numbers, diamond dots and punctuation.

Download Madera from MyFonts.


Both Unitext and Madera can be found in Monotype’s cloud-based font platform, Mosaic.

The newly launched platform aims to provide businesses with an easier way to search, manage, share and deploy Monotype’s typefaces. Mosaic lets designers experiment with Monotype’s library of over 2,500 font families in multiple languages and environments.

The typefaces are also included on the Monotype library subscription, and can be downloaded through MyFonts. 

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