Monotype launches Burlingame typeface that's ideal for in-car displays

Monotype has this week introduced Burlingame, a new, 36-font typeface family with high legibility and clarity that makes it ideal for in-car displays and other digital environments.

Initially intended for video games, the Burlingame typeface was modified based on a study carried out by Monotype, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) AgeLab and the New England University Transport Center, which found that humanist type styles such as open forms and highly distinguishable shapes can help minimise glance time – the time your eyes are spent looking away from the road while interacting with an automotive display, for example.

In order to ensure the typeface's effectiveness in digital environments, senior type designer at Monotype Carl Crossgrove worked primarily on screen to develop the font family. By using a square, sans-serif design with wide apertures, loose spacing and angled cuts, Carl created Burlingame as a typeface that offers high legibility at any size, even in constrained digital settings or challenging print environments.

In addition to automotive displays, Burlingame is also ideal for other digital displays that offer viewers quick, at a glance information.

"The design's generous spacing and general openness are in response to providing high legibility in automotive displays, where legibility is especially critical," Carl said in a press release. "The shapes are solid, yet simple, and project strength."

Burlingame is available to license now from My Fonts, and Linotype.

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