As part of GFSmith's forthcoming Beauty in the Making event, typography specialist Monotype Imaging will be exposing and openly discussing the concealed world of typeface design and production.

To the general public, typography is a largely invisible, yet omnipresent, feature of the modern world. To designers, it is at least a key tool of the trade, and at most an idolised icon of design. But very few genuinely appreciate the craft in type creation. Monotype Imaging has been leading the way in the technical and aesthetic craft of type-making for over 100 years. But the creative processes involved, whether human, mechanical or digital, have remained largely hidden or misunderstood.

The overall vision of the event is to celebrate the artistry in creative processes, and in line with this, Monotype's contribution will include talks by experts in the world of typographic generation and beautiful physical exhibits of type craft. An exclusive highlight will be the unveiling of original signed artwork from the Gill Sans archive. These rare artefacts have never been seen outside the Monotype library, let alone released into the public domain.

In order to celebrate the history and legacy of typography, an exclusive European premiere of Doug Wilson’s “Linotype: The Film” a feature-length documentary film centred around the Linotype typecasting machine invented by Ottmar Mergenthaler in 1886, will be showing on Thursday 26th April at 6pm.

Both events will be held at the Victoria House Basement, a 22,000 sq.ft. venue in Bloomsbury, where raw ceilings and exposed brick walls will provide an appropriately industrial backdrop.

To see more about the event go to  Beauty in the Making