Filthymedia's Filthy Black Italic font was inspired by latex and curves

Brighton-based design studio Filthymedia has created its first font: Filthy Black Italic.

The font began life as Filthymedia's company logotype, designed as part of a re-brand in 2011. When the project was complete, the studio – which has worked for big clients including BBC, Red Bull, Tesco and Universal Music - decided to turn its new logotype into a full typeface, and the result is Filthy Black Italic.

The font, which is available to purchase now from HypeForType, was inspired by latex textures and curvaceous forms, says Filthymedia on its blog.

That inspiration becomes more apparent in the font's promo trailer (above), which Filthymedia teamed up with digital agency FutureDeluxe and music production studio Spectrasoul to create.

Designed as a display typeface, Filthy Black Italic's heavy weight and small serifs are ideal for headlines and titles, or for use at a large scale.

The rounded drops are designed to emphasise the fluidity of the letters, Filthymedia says. You can see the specimen sheet for Filthy Black Italic below.


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