Feminism meets type as female lettering artists from around the world unite

Detail from piece by Sonia Yim

Typing Feminism showcases exquisite and empowering slogans, just in time for International Women's Day 2019.

International Woman's Day is upon us, meaning a lot of great projects for us to feature on Digital Arts by talented female creatives. One that's particularly caught our eye is Typing Feminism, a project spearheaded by Spanish type designer Lucía Types.

Typing Feminism is made up of over 30 female artists from around the world and counting coming together to create work on one Instagram page. Their lettering pieces made especially for the venture identify them as feminists, creating strikingly crafted slogans that make them - and the audience - feel powerful as women.

By Kasi Turpin

"For some time I've realised that there are many female lettering artists around the world with great talent," Lucía tells us by email.

"They always have been featured a lot online, but I felt we needed a platform for women to be promoted exclusively because there's so many of us.

"We want to show how talented we are and how we stand out in this kind of discipline," she continues. "I also felt that together we are stronger and our work would get more notice by promoting everyone through a single project."

Gia Graham

Sonia Yim

Lucía found almost all of the artists involved via Instagram, and originally meant to work to the deadline of March 8th, this year's International Woman's Day.

"But feminism is not a thing just for March or Women's Day, so I'm keeping it as an ongoing project that allows women around the world to show their feminist views and raise awareness within the art society (and all society)," we learn, meaning readers can still submit their own empowering slogans of lettering prowess.

Josephine Ung

Olga Muzician

Follow Typing Feminism on Instagram to see all the current and future works - along with Digital Arts Online.

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