Adobe takes the limits off Typekit, renames to Adobe Fonts

Adobe replaces its Typekit feature for Creative Cloud 2019 with a streamlined fonts service available on all CC plans as of today.

In amidst all the news pouring out of Adobe MAX 2018 today was the announcement that the add-on of Typekit is dead, but don't worry as in its place we get Adobe Fonts.

Coming with all Creative Cloud subscriptions as of today, Adobe Fonts is a streamlined service that gives you the complete Typekit font library, with a Basic collection of around 6000 fonts free for those with an Adobe ID.

Graphic designers with CC plans can now not only look forward to playing with over 14,000 sets of typefaces but also no more limits - sync limits are gone so you can activate all the fonts you need, and there are no more web font page view and domain limits; no more web fonts full stop, actually, as the entire library is now available for use on both online and desktop.

To accompany the announcement are thirty new fonts packs from Adobe, as curated by Arianna Orland (above) and Tad Carpenter, two designers known for their typography work.

There's also a website to accompany the new service, as you'll see below, and which is a vast improvement on the clunky site for Typekit.

All Creative Cloud plans should include Adobe Fonts as of today October 15th, including single-app plans and the Photography Plan. Anyone with an Adobe ID will have access to a Basic version of Fonts.

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