British Gas launches lenticular poster campaign

Advertising agency Posterscope has designed a new poster campaign for British Gas that uses lenticular printing to create an optical illusion.

The billboard campaign aims to give passers-by a demonstration of how energy is being used in their home by interlacing two static images together that flip between each other as the viewer looks at the billboard from different angles, while driving or walking past, for example.

In this case, the first image is a toaster sitting beside a smart meter, and the second image shows the toast flying out of a now illuminated toaster (as shown above).

"The use of new lenticular printing technology has allowed us to develop a creative campaign which reinforces the transparency of cost and energy usage that smart meters can deliver," said Posterscope's Senior Project Manager Chris Hicks. "This outdoor campaign is a great example of how using sophisticated printing technology can push the boundaries of Out-Of-Home, allowing us to execute creative ideas in exciting ways."

Advertising manager at British Gas, Amy Holland, adds: "Showing the visual transformation of the appliances is key to the campaign and lenticulars have provided us with a great opportunity to showcase this and thus highlight the key benefits of smart meters much more so than in static media."

The billboard campaign will be running nationwide in cities until later this month.

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