HumanEyes has released a version of its lenticular printing software aimed at designers and photographers who aren’t focussed on creating this kind of imagery, according to the company. Lenticular printing turns images of a scene shot from multiple angles into a single image that looks 3D when refractive glass is placed in front of it. The technology has been used for Empire magazine’s highly regarded Spiderman 2 cover, and on those rulers we all had at school.

HumanEyes MiniStudio 3D has all of the features for creating lenticular images, but limits the output to photographic, inkjet and flatbed UV at 720dpi at up to 17-x-24-inches. It costs £5,000 plus VAT, compared to £10,000 plus VAT for the full Studio 3D. Owners of the MiniStudio version can upgrade to the full version later for €2,500 (around £1,720).