Letterpress printed, handcrafted The Luddite magazine questions our relationship with technology

This may be the digital age but not everyone’s buying into it. Enter The Luddite, a letterpress-printed, handcrafted magazine telling the human stories that tend to get glossed over in the digital age.

"Inspired by 18th-century fictional rebel Ned Ludd, The Luddite is a magazine whose essence is to reexamine our relationship with technology," publishers Matt Davis and Louise Armstrong said in a press release.

Matt and Louise got Kickstarter backing to design and produce the limited-edition eight-page magazine with the help of Wapping-based letterpress printer Phil Abel, who runs Hand & Eye Letterpress. The magazine also features top-notch design and is illustrated by artists Hannah Simpson and Christopher Brown.

The first issue features the story of a midwife reflecting on the fact that parents spend much of the “golden hour” after their babies’ birth taking photographs of their children and putting the photos online. Another story is a first-person confessional piece about a hipster Viiking lookalike who turned to weightlifting as a way to rebel against life’s "modern rubbish".

Copies of the magazine can be purchased both in-person in London at the Lois in Pekham and at Material in Shoreditch, or from The Luddite’s website via PayPal.

One of the things we find intriguing about the project is that, despite the handcrafted nature of the magazine itself, it's technology and the internet that helped get the project off the ground, and will continue to help sell the magazine. Not everything in the digital age is to be frowned upon, after all, and the duo themselves (who make a living working with pixels) note "we know technology has its place."

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