ITV rips up TV listings in the name of mental health

A new campaign sees the station get Britain talking through a canny use of print media.

ITV's Britain Get Talking campaign recently launched with beloved small-screen hosts and actors spread the message of mental wellness over one silent, minute-long TV commercial (watch the ad here.)

Complementing the television piece is an equally striking newspaper campaign that makes great use of print and design, as courtesy of London studio Uncommon.

Designed in-house by Uncommon, the print designs play with negative space in a stripped back approach. The work replicates ripped out TV listings but instead of the program guide, the copy shows moments of compassion from loved ones using a spot-on colloquialism.

Each print execution closes with the line ‘Tune back in to the story in your living room’, echoing the closing line that breaks the silence of the TV ad.

The above reads: "How Was School Today? Mother battles teenage monosyllabism when grunted response of 'Fine', suggesting everything might not be. 

"I'm Really Sorry I Snapped At You Before"

The work will run across print outlets such as The Guardian, The Observer and The Sunday Times Culture Magazine, and ranks alongside other ingenious branding from Uncommon such as their wildly deranged adverts for mortgage company Habito.

While those ads derive their power from pure excess, the ITV campaign makes a nice contrast in remembering that less can be more when it comes to getting your message across.

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