HumanEyes will launched Print Pro 2.0, an upgraded version of its Mac-based lenticular print creation software, at the SGIA show in September.

Print Pro enables designers to create the images used to make lenticular prints - the faux 3D system using refractive glass or plastic as found on children's rulers or Empire magazine's famous Spiderman 2-themed cover.

Version 2.0 adds a fast and easy 2D-to-3D conversion tool, according to HumanEyes. The company says that the process can be carried out entirely within Print Pro, unlike other lenticular processes.

The upgrade features a timeline that gives real-time feedback, and allows users to view progress and changes in each frame, and choose the views they want in the final output.

Print Pro 2.0 offers boosted performance and improvements to project creation, animation and flip tools.

Pricing for Print Pro 2.0 has not yet been announced.