• Fujifilm to release lenticular 3D printer

    If you've picked up a 3D camera from Fujifilm and are basking in the glory of its 3D display, what are you going to do with the 3D photos you've taken, aside from view them on your slick new 3D HDTV? Rather than order 3D photos from Fujifilm directly, you'll soon be able to print your 3D shots from the comfort of your own home.

  • EVENT: Heavy Pencil by Print Club London

    Print Club London -- the Dalston-based screen-printing collective -- organises a festive illustration-themed event at the ICA in London next Thursday (December 3).

  • Microsoft shows off Silverlight 4's feature list

    Microsoft has revealed ambitious plans for the next version of its Silverlight browser plug-in technology for rich Internet applications, including faster startup times and software development improvements as well as more capabilities for running applications outside of a browser.

  • Get your hands dirty with Digital Arts

    The latest edition of Digital Arts is out today, with a focus on moving beyond the screen and into the real world with tonnes of applications for your artwork. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to see your art as never before.

  • Postage stamp artists exhibition announced

    This December's Smart-Arts exhibition in London will bring together artworks by creators of UK postage stamps. It's being held at La Galleria in Pall Mall London from Dec 10.

    Artist David Holmes designed one of the postage stamps for the 2012 Olympic Games issued by the Royal Mail recently. This inspired him and photographer Paul Redman to invite other artists who have also been commissioned to design postage stamps to join them to exhibit and sell their work at a collaborative exhibition.

    Artists showing their work include Andrew Davidson, Brian Grimwood, George Hardie, Clare Melinsky, Arthur Robins, Paul Slater and Christopher Wormell.

  • DirectX 11 Now Available for Windows Vista

    Microsoft has long said, and we have reminded users, that DirectX 11 is not just a Windows 7 technology. The company promised that DirectX 11 will be availalbe for Vista around the same time as the release of its latest and greatest operating system.

  • Smith & Foulkes creates ad for web-connected printer

    Famed animation directing duo, Smith & Foulkes, has created a spot for HP for the launch the world's first web-connected home printer.

    Working with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the brief was to dramatise the collision of Internet meeting paper, using the HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web. Smith & Foulkes created a landscape that illustrates the digital to print connection the printer makes.

    From searching a location on the Internet, Smith & Foulkes take us there on a technicolor, digital journey, whilst injecting the spot with their usual sense of fun and character. The journey then seamlessly transforms into a physical map print-out of the location making the transformation from a digital world to paper world complete.

    Somehow speaking as one, Smith & Foulkes say that the "challenge was to invent a landscape that could exist in two completely different renders then find a satisfying way to blend from one into the other. The lighting and rendering team had a field day with this."

  • Xerox launches Phaser 7500 A3 laser printer

    Xerox has released the Phaser 7500 A3 colour printer, an upgraded version of the 7400 -- which found favour with design studios looking to print high-quality materials such as proofs. Printing at up to 35 pages per minute, Xerox says that the Phaser 7500 allows companies to do in-house printing of documents that require high quality and fast turnaround – thus cutting costs on print jobs that might previously have been outsourced.

    The printers features include automatic two-sided printing, booklet printing and collation, and also supports up to SRA3 paper and heavy media for full-bleed prints, for posters, brochures and business cards.

    Prices for the Phaser 7500 colour printer start from £2,699 plus VAT. It uses EA-HG toner and incorporates enhanced HiQ LED technology, which delivers 1,200-x-1,200dpi image quality, better registration and smoother lines on images and text, says Xerox. The Phaser 7500 is one of the first Xerox devices of its type to incorporate biomass plastic, which the company says produces 16 per cent fewer CO2 emissions during manufacture than traditional plastic.

    The Phaser 7500 is available as a low-profile desktop printer or can be configured as a floor-standing model, which has the option of additional paper trays. The printer also features a colour-matching technology called Colour by Words that uses words to define colour.

  • Freecom to sell early USB 3.0 portable drive

    Freecom has introduced one of the earliest devices based on the USB 3.0 standard: a portable hard drive that provides faster data-transfer rates compared to drives based on the older USB 2.0 standard.

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