PortraitPro 12 launches with new light, skin & slimming features

Anthropics Technology announced the arrival of PortraitPro 12 this week, touting several "world firsts" for the photo retouching software.

PortraitPro 12 brings new and improved features including face re-lighting, face slimming, skin and hair enhancing, as well as new facial feature, age and gender detection and more.

One of those aforementioned world firsts is the Face Re-Lighting feature in PortraitPro, which lets you control the light of a photograph to help create a more natural or dramatic look. The light is controlled using sliders and moving the virtual light within the software, as shown above.

You too can transform someone into a very different man or turn a model into a mannequin using PortraitPro 12's features. We're sure you can use the software to make much more subtle changes, though. (Images courtesy of Anthropics Technology).

Sliders are also used to improve the appearance of hair. You can make hair appear thicker, smoother, recoloured or highlighted using the hair enhancement tools.

The new version of PortraitPro also has enhanced slimming capabilities, as well as a new skin enhancer (below) that is designed to retain natural skin texture and can automatically detect edges. 

Using the automatic facial feature finder in PortraitPro 12 can quickly identify facial features in photographs and enable you to easily apply effects to those features. It can also detect the gender and age of the subjects in your photo to apply the most appropriate enhancements.

With the Studio Max version of PortraitPro 12, you'll get the new automatic batch mode (below), which is designed to enable you to automatically enhance a batch of photographs without the need for human intervention.

In addition to the features listed above, PortraitPro 12 is also speedier than previous versions, according to Anthropics Technology.

There are three versions of PortraitPro 12 available: the standard version, which would normally cost £59.90 but is currently on offer at £29.95; the Studio version with RAW support and integration with Lightroom, Aperture and Photoshop (normally £99.90 but on sale at £49.95); and the Studio Max version with the automatic batch mode (£199.90 on sale for £99.95).

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