New tools for Photoshop CC: focus-based masking

Discover a new way to cut-out or select parts of images based on focus.

Photoshop already includes many selection and masking tools, but Adobe is almost certainly going to add a new tool to these next week (and probably a lot more too). The company has debuted a video on YouTube showing a 'sneak peek' at a new focus-based masking tool, which has appeared a week before an event on June 18 where Adobe will show "what's next in Creative Cloud". Adobe hasn't definitely said this tool will be added to Photoshop then, but it would be very odd indeed if they didn't.

The tool is demoed by Photoshop senior product manager Zorana Gee.

In the video (above), Zorana takes a photo with a central model against an out-of-focus background, runs a new menu item (Select > Focus Area). She uses tools within a new Focus Area dialog to adjust the results. There are brushes to add or remove areas, and access to a Refine Edge dialog to work with hair and other soft/translucent areas.

Zorana uses the tool to remove the model from its background, then change the colour tones of the background without affecting the main model.

Visit Digital Arts next Tuesday from 4pm to see what else Adobe will be adding to Creative Cloud.

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